Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I'd like to extend a hearty welcome to our newest members and hope you will enjoy your stay with us. If you haven't verified and activated your account please do so and add your banner, texts and sites so I can add your sites to the rotation. Get more eyes on your business!

I just posted on the Facebook Fan page so go check it out and be sure to become a Fan while your there. Join our Facebook Fan Club.

When you shout us out on Twitter using your link of course to earn referrals I will award you 10 banner credits if you send a ticket. Can be done 2x per day.

Until Friday when you purchase a Beginning Wahm Membership you receive (1)Solo free. Send me a ticket and i'll be sure to add your free solo.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010 Newsletter.

Hi Members,

A warm hearty welcome to our newest members. I hope you enjoy your stay with us!! You are helping us to are greatly appreciated at!

When adding Ning sites on here they must be added as either a banner or text ad because Ning breaks frame and causes the surf to act up.

Are you a fan? There you will find be able to keep up with what's going on here and I will place specials there that I don't put in the new letter. In fact there is a special there don't miss out. Just click the fan widget to the left.

Be sure to follow us at too as I will be adding newletters and specials there too.

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Friday, February 19, 2010

Pretty Things Underneath Bath and Body Line.

**This was on a former blog of mine that I am discontinuing.

I recently received a Cintronella candle and Rasberry Vanilla lotion as a gift from Marquinta Simmons,a member of one of my Ning sites and owner of Pretty Things Underneath Bath and Body Line. Be sure to visit her profile and/ or join the site. Shoppers and sellers welcome alike as this Ning site is 100% devoted to shopping and a sister site to my traffic exchange Wahms

The Rasberry Vanilla lotion has just the right amount of scent. Not enough to choke you but enough to let you know it's there. It smells great and rubs on silky smooth. I was really pleased with the product. To those of you who enjoy scented lotions I recommend this. She offers other scents as well.

I took a big whiff of the candle before realizing it was citronella. My sinuses were extra clear LOL. Now citronella isn't the typical candle scent I would normally purchase but it had a good smell and it is good for getting rid of pesky mosquitos. This candle would be great for picnicking in your back yard with the kids. I have also heard that citronella can have a calming aromatherapy affect when burned indoors.

Marquinta Simmons has been creating her wonderful body products and candles for 5 years. She also sells adult products for those interested in that sort of thing.

Connect with Marquinta Simmons on Twitter as well and get to know the woman behind the products.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Let's get surfing and earn some extra credits!!!!

Welcome to all our new members!!! Thanks for joining and surfing at where we cater to those working from home and shoppers. I'm sure you will enjoy your time with us. We have many things to offer so get comfortable and start perusing the site.

Starting now 2/19/10, Surf 200 sites and earn 50 banner hits. Can be done once a day until 2/24/10 at 5:00pm. Twitter shoutout to the first member each day who does this.(Must be a link already approved on this site)(Send me a ticket with the link you want shouted out and if you are number one I will do so.)



Also one lucky member will receive a free newsletter link in the next letter. I will only be choosing among those who are surfing so come on down and start SURFING. I will award it by 2/24/10 at 5:00pm so be sure to check on your tools page as I will not announce the winner. Send me a ticket once you know you have won and I will add 50 text credits to your account (PS: Don't sleep on the text credits as our text ads show on the surfbar, front page of the exchange as well as on other sites)


Refer, Refer, Refer..More members equal more eyes on your business, blog or shop and that can mean more $$$ for you!!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ways you can help support

First and foremost thank you for joining, surfing at and supporting We really have some great members with wonderful things to offer and we are growing.

A traffic exchange is only as great as its members. The members are the life of the exchange and I really appreciate you.

Please continue to support us because helping us is also helping you :)

Other ways you can support

Surfing when you can. The exchange of traffic is through viewing one anothers websites banner and text ads. Thank you to those who are already doing this.

Refer new members this can be done easily through having banners on your blogs, profiles, Squidoo lenses and more. Remember the more members we get the more eyes on our sites and that can mean more leads and $ales for everyone.

Purchase a membership. We are very affordable, our lowest membership is only $1.50. A membership entitles you to a certain amount of credits every month and your ratio for surfing is better. You earn more credits for each surf.

Follow us on twitter (There is an icon on the left side of the exchange)Be sure to shout us out using your referral link up to twice a day and earn 10 banner hit for each shout out.


Rank and favorite us on Squidoo. (Don't forget to leave a comment with your beautiful deals)Create a lens about us and earn 25 website hits. A new lens can be created each month. A great way to earn referrals.


Become a fan of our facebook page


Follow us at SPN Babble (very similar to Twitter)

SPN Babble

Let's also support each other. When you can join or purchase from a member please do so.

Thank you for your continued support. You are much appreciated!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Our surfing contest ends today at 5pm Est

A hearty welcome to our newest members!!!! Thanks for joining

BANNERS NEED TO BE 468X60 IN SIZE. Instant Banner Creator allows you to create them for free and hosts them too.

Come on over and surf, you could end up a winner in our contest.

PS: You could be surfing smarter by purchasing a membership. It's a good investment in your business. Our memberships are ultra affordable with the lowest costing only $1.50 per month. You get to advertise more websites, banners and texts and a better surf ratio. When you purchase a Definitive Wahm membership during the month of August you will receive one solo ad free. When you purchase a Beginning Wahm membership during the month of August you will receive one link in our newsletter.

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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Our referral contest is soon coming to an end.

Thank you to all new members who are helping us grow :)

Our referral contest will be ending very soon on 8/15/09. Anyone can win. All you have to do is refer, refer, refer. This is relatively easy to do. Just place a banner on your blogs, Squidoo lens, websites etc. Refer us to all your friends. When we grow you get more eyes on your business, shopping sites, blogs and services. This can mean more $ales for YOU.

I have been busy as a bee and have brought in quite a few referrals but this contest is for the members so get out there and refer, refer, refer. Any referral that comes to main link is not assigned to anyone. Those referrals will be given out as prizes at a later date. Shout us out on Twitter with your referral link and get 10 banner hits a shout. You can do this twice a day. Send me a ticket with your twitter name to receive credit.

Build a Squidoo lens about us with your referral link and/or banners. Not only can you gain referrals that way but I will award you 25 website hits. You can do this once a month (Must be a new lens each month..get creative, it's easy.)Send me a ticket with the link to the Squidoo lens to receive credit.

Not a Squidoo member? Join here, it's a great way to advertise and Google loves Squidoo.

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